First Church Puppets Gospel Puppets
The Gospel told in the form of half hour puppet stories.
Puppet performances are 30 minutes.

Give me a purpose: Sometimes people wonder just why I am on the earth. Pastor Mike (name of puppet character) teaches children and adults about divine purpose. The performance is based on Romans 12:6, and encourages children and adult to seek God concerning the gift He placed inside of them.The performance also teaches God wants us to use His gifts to build up the Kingdom of God.

Do You Remember Easter? : This performance is based on Luke 24:6 when the  Angel asked the women coming to the tomb early in the morning "Remember how He spoke what He spoke to you while He was in Galilee". The performance instructs children to remember the promises of God which are in the Bible. It is also informs children Jesus is a live and at the right hand of God.The performance help children understand why we celebrate Easter.

The Greatest Vacation Bible Ever: Harvey tries to convince his friend Jimmy about how great Vacation Bible School is and why he should come to Vacation Bible School. This performance is based on Romans 12:10-13. 

Christmas & Advent : Three Wise Guys

Pastor Mike (name of puppet character)  finds out that there is a new baby in his congregation. Three young men that attend his Bible study decide to give the new baby a gift. So after reading Matthew 2:10 through 11 they give the gifts of three wise guys.

Kwanzaa:This performance is for children and their families to learn about Kwanzaa. The performance features Gospel music and is fun for the entire family.