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Information about scheduling a puppet show
Thank you for choosing Harvey and Sam Puppet Company for your upcoming event. Puppet performances are thirty minutes and suitable for children of all ages. Please send your request on the contact page and a performance contract will be e mailed to you. 
1. Before, during and after the performance at least two adults must be present in the room to monitor children. Puppeteer cannot monitor children and perform at the same time. Must have access to electricity. 
2. Performances can be canceled due to extreme weather conditions, unruly behavior from members of the audience making it impossible for others to enjoy the puppet show, safety of puppeteer or equipment is in jeopardy, and other conditions which are not mentioned making a puppet performance impossible.
3. The Harvey and Sam Puppet Company will not be held liable for injuries sustained by audience members during a performance. 
4. Payment for a performance or workshop is $130 dollars in the Baltimore, Washington DC, Harrisburg, PA. and York PA area. For organizations in Harford County and Cecil County Maryland the cost of a performance is $150 dollars. The cost of a performance is $170 dollars in the Philadelphia PA. and Newark DE area and non-negotiable. Performances in the New York, and New Jersey areas are $250 dollars. Make checks and money orders payable to Mike Dickson. Payment in full is due at the end of a performance
5. Place your information for requesting a performance on the contact page. Let the Harvey and Sam Puppet Company know the date and time you're requesting. The place in which you want to host a puppet show and the name and phone number of the contact person.
6.Performance agreement must be returned at least one week before the date you're requesting to confirm. 

Schedule a performance : To schedule a performance please email
Just answer a few questions
1 .Name of contact person,
2. Address of where you want to have puppet performance
3. Time you want to have performance. 
4. Date you would like a performance.

You can also fill out the Contact us form

Have a great day and see you at the performance.

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